Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Thoughts Relating to Treasure Coast Pharmacy Bust

A few days after the TCP bust, and I cant stop thinking how many big names this is possibly going to reveal. In the days of perjury trials or "Witch hunts" as one might call them, against professional athletes, it is scary to think how many professional athletes may be the next targets of the Feds, because of a bust of this nature.

Today, Roger Clemens is expected to face lead investigator John Longmire of the FBI at the federal courthouse in Washington. Barry bonds was just recently convicted on perjury charges due to the accusations of performance enhancing drugs. Are these the issues that we as Americans want to spend our tax dollars on? Do the majority of Americans really care if athletes use PED's? Personally I want to see tax dollars spent on educating our children, getting dangerous criminals off our streets, fixing our nations highways, and the plethora of other problems that need fixing.. There are so many more prevalent issues that need taking care of in the US today.

Americans want to see 100 mph plus fast balls, they want to see home runs smashed out of  ball parks, and bone crushing tackles on the grid iron. Do we realize there is no NFL with out PED's? Or at least the NFL we have all come to know and love. This is a question we all seriously need to think about. Do we continue going after athletes for the crime of bettering there careers, and their bodies, and giving us what we want to see? Or do we start fixing the real problems in this country?

TCP was a pretty well known compounding pharmacy in the world of sports. It is scary that certain people may need to worry that they legally obtained prescription drugs from their doctors, because of this witch hunt that is actively happening in America. This kind of thing will continue in this country, and it will only become more profound, if we continue to allow it to happen.

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