Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mistrial in Clemens Case

Wow this is great news for those of us who are tired of the witch hunt against athletes and people wanting to improve overall health.

Reggie Walton, United States District Judge has angrily declared a mistrial in the case against baseball great Roger Clemens. The governments case against Clemens has been grounded for at least a few weeks and quite possibly for good. Judge Reggie Walton set a Sept. 2 date for a hearing to inquire if it is at all possible for Clemens to receive a fair trial, after prosecutors showed jurors video evidence that was previously ruled out of bounds! Walton apologized to the jurors for wasting their time and tax payer money, only to call off the trial.

Walton told the jury, "There are rules that we play by and those rules are designed to make sure both sides receive a fair trial,  such ground rules are critical when a person's liberty is at stake.
"If this man got convicted, he would go to jail,"

Prosecutors suggested to Walton that the problem could be fixed by instructing the jury to disregard the evidence, Judge Walton was not buying it. He replied to prosecutors saying "I don't see how I un-ring the bell".

RC and his lawyers are under a court gag order and did not comment to the press as they left the courtroom. Clemens signed autographs and a couple of baseballs for fans, hugged courthouse workers, and shook hands with security officers on his way out. "I say good for you RC"

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