Saturday, April 28, 2012

Victor Martinez Released From Jail

A Judge in New Jersey recently ruled that IFBB Professional, Victor Martinez be released from jail and allowed to remain on US soil. Victors legal problems began in October of 2011 after returning from his Arnold Classic Europe win in Madrid, Spain

Victor was arrested after his permanent resident card expired and was not renewed because of previous legal troubles. He was detained awaiting deportation, and was then transferred to the Hudson County Correctional Facility in New Jersey, where he spent the remainder of his time.

Victor is estimating that he lost 60 pounds during his six month incarceration. Others are reporting that he lost his home, and his restaurant, due to his troubles. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Canadian Drug Dealer Arrested by Guelph Police

What a tool this guy is. Who in their right mind advertises steroids on Kijiji, and then meets the potential client in a parking lot. Doesn't it cross your mind that the client could possibly be an undercover agent investigating your stupid add?
This is comical to me, and this is the kind of moron who puts the community as a whole at risk. Has this guy ever heard of Darwin? I suppose not. Keep in mind the article below is translated from French.

A man from Canada was arrested after he tried to sell steroids to a person that turned out to be an undercover police officer. The police officer responded to online advertisements of this distributor of steroids. He was a man of 21 years old who decided to host advertisements about steroids on internet in order to promote selling these illegal substances. The drug dealer thought that it was the easiest and the most effectual method to promote sales.
The Guelph Police Department responded to the advertisements with the help of email on in an undercover way. It was scheduled a direct purchase in the parking lot of a local gym. As a result, the distributor of steroids was arrested. Four different anabolic steroids valued at about 650 dollars were seized. This person faced certain counts related to possession and intentions to sell illegal medicines.
Kijiji belongs to the online auction eBay. Although Kijiji isn’t very prominent in the USA, it is quite celebrated in several other countries, including Canada. has utilized marketplace for illegal sales of steroids during some years. The Drug Enforcement Administration supplied eBay with a list of Scheduled III controlled substances that needed to be utilized as a filter in order to prevent hosting advertisements linked with illicit preparations. Certain drug dealers could bypass the filters, presenting these drugs as “steroid books” or “steroid DVDs”.
Although Kijiji is subsidiary to Ebay, it doesn’t possess any filter to prevent stimulating sales of illicit products. It posts advertisements connected with steroids and induces selling drugs of such underground labs located in Canada, as Lufsen, Lifesci, Mesodyne and Olympic Labs.
Have you been told that the steroid Testosterone Cypionate…?
Are you aware that the steroid Testosterone Cypionate may cause impressive positive effects in consumers? This remedy may induce enhancing muscle mass, restore damaged muscles, prevent muscle wasting and induce enhancing resilience due to increase of red blood cells’ number. It can be prescribed for treatment of teenagers who experience growth problems and men with delayed puberty. In spite of the fact that the steroid Testosterone Cypionate has ability to benefit a lot, it may lead to different troubles, if it administered during pregnancy or breast-feeding, or if it is given to infants or to males who have cancer of breast or prostate. This remedy can threaten to life of those who apply it in certain specified cases.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Former Jeff George Associate Sentenced to 7 Years

Well it definitely did not pay off in the long run for former Jeff George associates. Jeff George ratted off 33 people including His own Mother and twin brother, to try and secure a lesser sentence, for operating one of the countries largest illicit prescription pill mills. The fallout is still happening for people who were involved with George.

Gino Marquez, a 31 year old Wellington man has been sentenced to 7 years in prison due to involvement in one of Jeff Georges lesser illegal enterprises. Marquez is to report to prison on July 27, according to the sentence imposed Friday by federal judge Kenneth Marra.

Marquez plead guilty to racketeering conspiracy for selling steroids through Georges online business "South Beach Rejuvenation", and also defrauding 3300 victims through a time-share scam, American Marketing Group, LLC. Marquez was also ordered to help repay 4.7 million dollars to the victims of the time-share fraud.

Here is a little background to refresh fading memories of the Jeff George Case:

Jeff George was known as the pill mill King Pin, and was sentenced to 151/2 for operating one of the largest illicit prescription drug networks in the country. Jeff George ratted off 33 associates, including his mother, his twin brother, his sister-in-law and a childhood friend.

Georges Lawyer said: "In my 43 years of practicing law, I can't remember any case where a defendent has cooperated knowing that as a result of his cooperation there was a high probability it would lead to the arrests of his mother and his brother, Mr. George, in street language, has come clean."

Slovenian Steroid Dealers (Owners of Asia Pharma and British Dragon) Likely to be Extradited to the US

Vienna, 23 April (STA) - A Slovenian couple arrested in Austria on charges of selling illegal steroids will probably be extradited to the United States after the Austrian Constitutional Court threw out a complaint against the extradition.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

PrivacyHarbor Email Closing Down

The secure email provider, is closing it's doors. Due to financial concerns, the email provider has stopped services as of April 13, 2012. According to the PH website all accounts will be accessible through the month of April, but they make no guarantees after that point. I suggest if you have information that you do not want to lose in your PH account, that you remove the information ASAP. The information below is a news alert directly from the web site. ~ NML

News Updates

April 13th, 2012 - The service is shutting down
Unfortunately, after these many long years we will no longer be able to keep this service running. Financial considerations are forcing us to shut things down. We will be able to keep the service running for the remainder of April but we have no guarantees after that point. New sign-ups have been disabled. To archive your existing messages there is now a download to zip button that will allow you to download an archive of your messages in each view.

Friday, April 20, 2012

2 Arrested for Manufacturing Steroids, Other Pills