Thursday, February 2, 2012

Murfreesboro Police Make Largest Steroid Bust in Department History

Looks as if MPD has made a very large bust. I see the infamous and recently controversial Kigtropins confiscated in the pictures below. Seems as if it is the largest bust in department history. I wonder who this could be and if it may be anyone significant. Lets hope it's not friends. The name Parker suspiciously reminds me of another recent string of busts that took place not too long ago.

If the pictures represent the total take for the MFP, it doesnt look to be anywhere near a 500K dollar bust. Looks to be significant, for a trafficking case, but 500K? Not sure why the authorities are always so quick to over inflate so called "Street Values". - NML|head

MURFREESBORO — City police recently confiscated the largest amount of steroids in the department’s history while investigating an “international drug smuggling operation.”

Murfreesboro Police VICE officers, with the help of agents from the Tennessee Bureau of  Investigation, arrested Leslie E. Parker, Jr., of Murfreesboro, Jan. 27 in connection with the operation, according to a news release from Murfreesboro Police.

Parker was arrested after a “long term investigation” revealed he was receiving and distributing large quantities of steroids, according to police.

“Investigators believe the illegal drugs were being shipped from China to JFK International Airport, and then mailed to Parker locally,” said MPD spokesman Kyle Evans, via the press release. “Using the U.S. Postal Service, he distributed the drugs to mid-level dealers, both locally, and throughout the entire country to be sold to individual users.”

Lead investigator Bryant Mitchell arrested and charged Parker with Possession and Distribution of a Schedule III Drug and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, according to the news release.

Investigators confiscated a large quantity of illegal steroids with a street value over $500,000 from a storage unit and from a local hotel room where Parker was living, the release reads.

“This represents one of the largest steroid confiscations in Department history,” Evans said.