Monday, July 11, 2011

Bodybuilding Boards Being Hacked?

Well I can assure they are not being hacked, as far as hacking goes, but someone is somehow retrieving passwords from the staff of these boards. The most recent boards to be taken advantage of are AnabolicBoard, SteroidVIPBoard, United-Muscle, IronLifter, BrotherhoodoPain. This so called hacktivist as "Anthony Roberts" wants to call him has taken down most of the forum on BoP and AnabolicBoard, acheiving nothing more than cyber vandalism. Anthony Connors Roberts who has done nothing more than sell out this community, seems to be having a little fun and is supporting these vandals on his site. He is going as far as publishing lies about the boards that were at the forefront of the initial vandalism. Personally if I was ACR, I would have interviewed the staff of these boards before just publishing 2nd hand information.

AnabolicBoard, SteroidVIPBoard, United-Muscle, IronLifter, BrotherhoodoPain, have all been recently hit. The damage done was minimal for some and worse for a few others. We as a community need to get to the bottom of this. These are our homes and the owners and staff of these boards put way too much time and effort into these boards to allow this to happen. They will not continue to keep these boards up and running just so someone with minimal skills can take them down again.

I have heard rumors of who is thought to be behind these attacks. The problem is, there is no real proof as of yet, to go public with detailed information. One thing I will release, is this low level vandal is from San Diego CA. Hit me up at

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