Sunday, April 22, 2012

PrivacyHarbor Email Closing Down

The secure email provider, is closing it's doors. Due to financial concerns, the email provider has stopped services as of April 13, 2012. According to the PH website all accounts will be accessible through the month of April, but they make no guarantees after that point. I suggest if you have information that you do not want to lose in your PH account, that you remove the information ASAP. The information below is a news alert directly from the web site. ~ NML

News Updates

April 13th, 2012 - The service is shutting down
Unfortunately, after these many long years we will no longer be able to keep this service running. Financial considerations are forcing us to shut things down. We will be able to keep the service running for the remainder of April but we have no guarantees after that point. New sign-ups have been disabled. To archive your existing messages there is now a download to zip button that will allow you to download an archive of your messages in each view.

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Miss Ladi Intellectual said...

This Sucks! Privacy Harbor was a great email service.

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