Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Former Jeff George Associate Sentenced to 7 Years

Well it definitely did not pay off in the long run for former Jeff George associates. Jeff George ratted off 33 people including His own Mother and twin brother, to try and secure a lesser sentence, for operating one of the countries largest illicit prescription pill mills. The fallout is still happening for people who were involved with George.

Gino Marquez, a 31 year old Wellington man has been sentenced to 7 years in prison due to involvement in one of Jeff Georges lesser illegal enterprises. Marquez is to report to prison on July 27, according to the sentence imposed Friday by federal judge Kenneth Marra.

Marquez plead guilty to racketeering conspiracy for selling steroids through Georges online business "South Beach Rejuvenation", and also defrauding 3300 victims through a time-share scam, American Marketing Group, LLC. Marquez was also ordered to help repay 4.7 million dollars to the victims of the time-share fraud.

Here is a little background to refresh fading memories of the Jeff George Case:

Jeff George was known as the pill mill King Pin, and was sentenced to 151/2 for operating one of the largest illicit prescription drug networks in the country. Jeff George ratted off 33 associates, including his mother, his twin brother, his sister-in-law and a childhood friend.

Georges Lawyer said: "In my 43 years of practicing law, I can't remember any case where a defendent has cooperated knowing that as a result of his cooperation there was a high probability it would lead to the arrests of his mother and his brother, Mr. George, in street language, has come clean."

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