Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Canadian Drug Dealer Arrested by Guelph Police

What a tool this guy is. Who in their right mind advertises steroids on Kijiji, and then meets the potential client in a parking lot. Doesn't it cross your mind that the client could possibly be an undercover agent investigating your stupid add?
This is comical to me, and this is the kind of moron who puts the community as a whole at risk. Has this guy ever heard of Darwin? I suppose not. Keep in mind the article below is translated from French.

A man from Canada was arrested after he tried to sell steroids to a person that turned out to be an undercover police officer. The police officer responded to online advertisements of this distributor of steroids. He was a man of 21 years old who decided to host advertisements about steroids on internet in order to promote selling these illegal substances. The drug dealer thought that it was the easiest and the most effectual method to promote sales.
The Guelph Police Department responded to the advertisements with the help of email on in an undercover way. It was scheduled a direct purchase in the parking lot of a local gym. As a result, the distributor of steroids was arrested. Four different anabolic steroids valued at about 650 dollars were seized. This person faced certain counts related to possession and intentions to sell illegal medicines.
Kijiji belongs to the online auction eBay. Although Kijiji isn’t very prominent in the USA, it is quite celebrated in several other countries, including Canada. has utilized marketplace for illegal sales of steroids during some years. The Drug Enforcement Administration supplied eBay with a list of Scheduled III controlled substances that needed to be utilized as a filter in order to prevent hosting advertisements linked with illicit preparations. Certain drug dealers could bypass the filters, presenting these drugs as “steroid books” or “steroid DVDs”.
Although Kijiji is subsidiary to Ebay, it doesn’t possess any filter to prevent stimulating sales of illicit products. It posts advertisements connected with steroids and induces selling drugs of such underground labs located in Canada, as Lufsen, Lifesci, Mesodyne and Olympic Labs.
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Gord McCord said...

A little correction: You say "Although Kijiji is subsidiary to Ebay, it doesn’t possess any filter to prevent stimulating sales of illicit products."

Not exactly true. There are filters, but people figure out ways to bypass them pretty quickly. After that, it's up to viewers to flag bad ads, then volunteer ad reviewers go through and remove them. That doesn't always work.

Yes, people sell drugs on Kijiji but I've yet to see any sign that it's widespread.

NoMoreLies said...

Thank You for clearing this up. I did not write the translated part of this article. It was taken from a French Canadian news alert, with no author listed. Normally I will always list the writer and give credit where credit is due. In this case there was none listed. I checked my sources to be sure it was legit, but could not find the author. Again thank you for clearing up the mistake in the article. Much apprciated, and thank you for reading our blog. ~ NML

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