Saturday, January 21, 2012

Two Manatee County marijuana grow houses busted


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MANATEE -- Nearly 60 marijuana plants in two houses -- one in Bradenton, the other in Myakka City -- were discovered by investigators, Manatee County Sheriff’s Office arrest reports show.
On Jan. 12, investigators received information about an indoor marijuana grow operation. On Tuesday, authorities went to the suspected home in the 24000 block of Jennings Road in Myakka City.
Detectives knocked on the door. Justin Marlow, 34, opened the door and a “strong odor of marijuana was detected,” an arrest report shows.
Detectives searched the home. They found an “elaborate marijuana indoor grow operation,” the report said. The total: 17 marijuana plants. Marlow admitted to growing the marijuana, the report shows, and said there was another grow operation in a Bradenton home.
Marlow and the detectives then arrived at the house in the 4700 block of Cayo Costa Place. When they knocked, Jeffrey Willett, 34, answered the door. Again, detectives smelled a strong aroma of marijuana, the report said.
Detectives searched the home and discovered 30 marijuana plants in the garage and 10 marijuana plants in a room.
Investigators found a combination of nearly eight pounds of marijuana, $2,020 in cash, 14 bottles of anabolic steroids, and “several large marijuana buds which were hanging in a closet to be dried out” at both homes, arrest reports said.
Willett admitted to growing the marijuana for about two years, a report shows.
Marlow also admitted to taking part in the operation and said he and Willett were partners in the operation. He told investigators that “times were tough” and he couldn’t find a job after undergoing carpel tunnel surgery, his arrest report says.
Willett and Marlow were arrested and booked into the Manatee County Jail on Tuesday. Willett was charged with cultivating marijuana and marijuana possession and posted $7,500 bond on Wednesday.
Marlow was charged with marijuana possession, manufacturing marijuana and possession of controlled substances. He posted $8,500 bond on Wednesday.

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