Monday, January 23, 2012

Tight Booty and GymAce at it Again?

In recent months Tight Booty has resurfaced. Why is she on the boards again? She is posting on under the UserName Booty. She is not to be trusted what so ever. It was not that long ago that she was on the boards trying to get people to talk and forward information to a member named Taurus, AKA GymAce. A certain member who I will not mention for his privacy accidentally gave up a lot of info to the pair not knowing Taurus was in fact GA.  Rumor has it that GA was working as a mercenary informant, collecting part of the assets seized from the cases he helped to build.

GymAce's arrest was on October 12, 2007, and was originally held with no bail. Later he was granted bail of $75,000.00. JTP815 who was GA's co-defendant was released with out having to post bail.  Now I have to ask my self how two people who are this deep into a huge steroid operation are able to get out of jail on 75K and the one who was actually doing the actual shipping (JTP815) not having to post bail at all?

They were both facing major charges at the time of their arrests, so once again how is it that they were let off so easily? I have a good idea on how it came to be, but I will withhold comment for now. Here are the actual charges they were being held on at the time of their arrests.

18:1956(h), 1956(a)(1)(A)(i) and 1956(a)(1)(B)(i) – Conspiracy to Launder Money
21:952, 960, 963; 18:982, and 21:853(p) – Conspiracy to Import Anabolic Steroids; Criminal
21:841(a)(1) and 846; 18:982, and 21:853(p) – Conspiracy to Distribute Anabolic Steroids; Criminal Forfeiture

There was a Plea Agreement entered into the courts on 11-17-2007 which to my knowledge is still sealed. In the end GA was sentenced to 2 concurrent 10 month jail terms, No fine, 2 $100.00 penalty assessments, and supervised release for three years with conditions.

I am pretty sure we can all draw our own conclusions as to what transpired in the end. So i have a question for all board owners, Why do you allow Tight Booty to take part on your forums. Is it because you just don't care for the safety of your members? It boggles the mind that any forum owner, or admin would allow her to help further the cases being built by Goran Crnila - AKA GymAce.

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