Monday, June 20, 2011

Updates From

I have received an update from The admin has promptly gotten back to me as usual. I say this because anytime I have emailed these wonderful people they have replied very timely. They are diligently trying to repair the problem with their mail storage system. I would assume as usual that they will have this problem fixed in a timely manner as well. So loyal readers, and users here is the explanation:

SecureNym has been fighting gremlins in our IMAP mail storage system
for four days. The problem is made much worse by users who have
extremely large mailboxes. This is what is slowing message retrieval
to a crawl for all users.

We have been working on this problem around the clock, and each time
we think the issue has been resolved, it resurfaces. We have replaced
all the associated hard drives and subsequently the servers
themselves, yet the problems continue as soon as we attempt to
synchronize the message storage.

Tonight, we are segregating accounts by mailbox size, in an effort to
manually load balance our traffic. This process is normally
automated, but the failure of that function is the core of the problem.

We continue to work on a solution but, in the meantime, we feel that
the manual load balancing will help ease the bottleneck.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience we know this is causing
you. We WILL resolve the issue. Tomorrow we will once again replace
all of the disk drives associated with message storage.


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