Sunday, September 15, 2013

Asia Pharma Targeted by Obama

President Obama is now targeting Asia Pharma distributor as KingPin, under the Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Act.

I started writing about this subject a while back, and ended up putting it off due to time constraints. As I was looking through the blog today I figured I better finish the article as to remind people of the possible consequences. The scary thing is, the US is classifying steroid dealers like the violent drug cartels importing the most dangerous of drugs. This is not new breaking news. Caveat Emptor ~ Buyer Beware

Mihael Karner owner and operator of Asia Pharma in the eyes of the US government is now as dangerous as violent Columbian and Mexican drug cartels. Steroids have now basically been classified as much a threat as Cocaine, Heroin, and Meth.

This means that the US can now seize Karners properties and assets under US jurisdiction. What this also means is any Americans, or US companies who conduct business with Asia Pharma or any other companies Karner owns are also subject to seizures and sanctions.

Karner has sold steroids world wide for over a decade. He has shell companies in tax heavens to protect his millions in profits. Karner, his wife and his brother were indicted in Massachusetts  federal court in 2010 on three counts of money laundering, conspiracy, and distributing and importing steroids. He and his wife were detained in Austria in December of 2010, made bail in April of 2012 and fled to his Native Slovenia while fighting extradition. Slovenia currently has no extradition treaty with the US.

The next month, he was declared a fugitive by the U.S. Justice Department, and by August, Austria issued arrest warrants for them both. Treasury’s spokesman said that though his trafficking organization has been disrupted, Karner continues to operate from Slovenia. The steroids are made in India and Greece, the spokesman said, and they’re shipped to customers in Eastern Europe and the U.S. Hundreds of websites advertising the steroids are managed in Malaysia under his umbrella company, which is called Asia Pharma. "Dear Mr. Chairman: (Madam Chairman:) (Dear Representative:) (Dear Senator:) (Dear Mr. Vice Chairman:) This report to the Congress, under section 804(a) of the Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act, 21 U.S.C. 1903(b)(1) (the "Kingpin Act"), transmits my designations of the following six foreign individuals and groups as appropriate for sanctions under the Kingpin Act and reports my direction of sanctions against them under the Act: Mihael Karner (Slovenia) Haji Khotwal Noorzai (Afghanistan) Luis Fernando Sanchez Arellano (Mexico) Los Caballeros Templarios (Mexico) Los UrabeƱos (Colombia) Los Cachiros (Honduras) Sincerely, BARACK OBAMA"

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