Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Macomb Man Arrested After Homeland Security Investigates Shipment from China

A homeland Security investigation leads to the arrest of 26 year old Eric Hardt after a package from China is intercepted by US Customs. Hardt is facing several controlled substance charges, after agents set up a sting operation at Hardts residence where they found him with the open package. Homeland Security claims the package contained 1,000 tablets and 25 vials of anabolic steroids addressed to a residence in Macomb. They are also claiming Hardt was arrested with hyrdocodone on hand, but they do not say if the rec drugs have anything to do with the intercepted package, or if it was a scripted medication..

These busts are happening more and more frequently. Domestic busts and even international arrests are at an all time high, and it won't slow down anytime soon. With the amount of gear seized in this arrest we can see that it is obviously personal amounts. The amount of gear listed here may be just enough for a cycle or two. This goes to show that Home Land Security who should be stopping illegals from crossing into our country, would rather fight the war on personal use steroids. Be careful friends.

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