Monday, November 21, 2011

The Responsibility of Board Staff to Their Members

Just watching and reading what is going on with some of the boards in our community regarding the possible bust of an unnamed board owner/source. I have to say the ultimate responsibility lies with the owners and admins who come across this information before members normally do. If an admin/mod knows that a source is or is probably compromised, is it the responsibility of the board to report this to the members who support that board? This is a question I have been thinking about for some time now. Who does the board look out for in these situations, the sources reputation, or the members safety? To me the answer is clear. In my opinion I feel the responsibility is to the members, always. Members safety is the most important safety concern boards should have. With out the members the boards have absolutely nothing. On top of that, the members trust that the boards they frequent will keep their safety in mind when it comes to issues of safety.

I decided to blog on this topic as I wish all board owners and staff will think about this, and take this issue seriously. Our community and the safety of members depends on it. There have been too many times where a member has been compromised either financially or legally when key people had information they decided to sit on instead of letting people know only to possibly save the reputation of sources. I fully understand the importance of protecting sources as well, but it is much easier for a source to regain his rep than it is for members to serve a jail sentence or collect on funds sent to a compromised source. Stay safe friends ~ NML

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