Monday, August 8, 2011

Police Claim Norway Killer Used Illegal drugs Prior to Killings

Anders Behring Breivik, was under the influence of illegal drugs when he carried out the killings of ruling Labour Party's youth, who were attending a summer camp. In the 1500 page manifesto he posted online just before the killings took place, Anders Behring Breivik admitted he had been using anabolic steroids.  On July 26, his lawyer, Geir Lippestad, said his client had used drugs to keep him "strong, efficient and awake" as he bombed government offices in Oslo then went on a shooting rampage on the nearby island of Utoya.

"I can confirm that he had used illegal drugs. I do not want to comment on what kind of products, but he had consumed some," said police prosecutor Paal-Fredrik Hjor Kraby, adding the conclusion was based on blood test results.

The police prosecutor also said that the two psychiatrists appointed to evaluate Breivik's mental state in order to determine if he is fit to stand trial and can be held accountable had begun their work.
The two psychiatrists are scheduled to hand over their report by November 1.

So once again the yellow journalism of the US press has just jumped to conclusions about steroids being the cause for these killings. To me it seems as though the Norway killer was abusing a lot of substances other than AAS. In my humble opinion drugs were not the cause of this terrible crime against humanity. The cause of these horrific crimes seem to be nothing more than another twisted man running around spewing twisted beliefs. Drugs or no drugs I think these killings would have still taken place.

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